A Different 5-Year Plan

A great response to ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A WOBBLY NEW YEAR. A 5-YEAR PLAN FOR SHEFFIELD IWW?’ from FW Steel City Syndicalist

Steel City Syndicalist

This article is a response to a piece published by one of my union colleagues on some possible aspirations for the Sheffield Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) General Members’ Branch over the course of the next half-decade.

I thought the piece overall was good as an example of the kind of forward thinking and goal-setting the Branch needs to engage in, but I did have some problems with its specific predictions and wanted to present an alternative view, lest the Fellow Worker’s writing be misunderstood as current Branch policy rather than his personal opinion.

Hopefully both of our ideas on the future direction of the Branch will encourage Branch-wide dialogue on the subject, and get the rest of our membership thinking more about long-term strategy.

The Fellow Worker hopes that an Industrial Organising Committee in the Hospitality Sector will comprise some 20% of our Branch’s membership in 2020…

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