Care Work, Organising in Uber Eats (#FFS) and West London Factories: New Syndicalist at the 2018 IWW Organising Summit

On the 24th October New Syndicalist joined Wobbly organisers and activists from across the country at the 2018 IWW Organising Summit. The summit – which is planned and arranged every year by the union’s Organising Department – is one of the major events in the IWW UK calendar and hosts discussion and presentations on key campaigns and organising work. In the afternoon we invited attendees of the Summit to come and chat with us about any interesting campaigns that they had been involved in.

First we spoke to Grace about research that she is currently conducting regarding trade union organising in the care sector:

We then spoke to Tom about organising the recent fast food and food couriers Uber Eats and Deliveroo strikes (#FastFoodShutdown):

And finally we spoke to Anne, who is also a member of Angry Workers of the World, about organising in factories in West London:

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4 thoughts on “Care Work, Organising in Uber Eats (#FFS) and West London Factories: New Syndicalist at the 2018 IWW Organising Summit

  1. The first Uber Eats wildcat strike over three days I found a bit more mellow where I was (west London) than the report from Tom’s area.
    It basically started after everyone saw how little they were being paid on the app under the new, improved rates.
    They just said to anyone going in for a pickup have you seen the new rates! Were striking, can you help by not doing any Macdonald’s pickups.
    The IWW organised a later one day strike was a good idea too. It was better actually to have advance notice of the strike so you can budget for the loss of a day’s money. I photocopied some of your fliers and put them on scooters.
    Another time it might be a good idea to do a flier for customers. There seems a lot of support for Uber Eats drivers from customers. You could have a cartoon of the cat with arched back over a sardine tin and a tin opener, crossed like the skull and crossbones, with some menu suggestions for cooking at home for customers boycotting the app in on the day of the strike.


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