Talking Shop #7 – Populism

Content Note: Child Sexual Exploitation. In this episode we discuss the political impact and some of the underlying causes of the Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal.

On this episode of Talking Shop the editorial team take on the wide-ranging topic of populist politics attempting to understand a collapse in the political centre-ground with seemingly global dimensions. Is it, in the words of Paul Mason, “kicking off everywhere”? Is populism a new and powerful political force? Or is this just the old politics re-packaged for changing times?

The discussion concludes on the need for an inclusive, union-centred vision of popular political action that effectively empowers everyone marginalised, impoverished and dis-empowered by the “moderates” and centrists of the past two decades. This is while also acknowledging the need to understand better how union organisers should position themselves in respect to emerging populist movements and parties.

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