Talking Shop: Covid and Section 44

As governments across the globe, including the UK, start to implement policies of “lockdown easing” knowledge, communication and enforcement of health and safety protections within workplaces has become of critical importance. In particular Section 44 of the Employment Rights Act (1996) has been touted as a key right workers can use when asked to return to a workplace that they believe is unsafe.

In this episode of ‘Talking Shop’ we are joined by Petros of the United Voices of the World– a grassroots trade union of low paid, migrant and precarious workers. Throughout the pandemic UVW has been at the forefront of organising in the Capital , defending members who have been denied access to furlough schemes, Personal Protective Equipment or expected to continue to work during the lockdown. We discuss some of these organising efforts, lessons learnt from lockdown organising and the strengths and limitations of Section 44 as both a legal protection and organising tool.

Links referred to in the episode:

UVW’s Explainer on ‘Work Refusal under Section 44

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