Introducing: Requires Improvement

When we started the New Syndicalist project one of our key aims was to create a platform for like-minded organisers who wanted to see unions and workplace organising play a more active role as a tool for transforming our society. We were delighted, therefore, to discover a few months ago a podcast by and for trade unionist educators focused on exactly these concerns and with the kind of “nuts-and-bolts” focus we also value at New Syndicalist. It is with pleasure, then, that we would like to welcome ‘Requires Improvement’ to the New Syndicalist family!

In this simultaneously reflective and forward looking 1 year anniversary episode of Requires Improvement, the team consider the current state of the education sector given the tumultuous events of the last six months both in UK politics and society at large. They start with a focus on the Labour Party and the sacking of shadow education secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, and then consider what deep organising and the thinking of Jane McAlevey can offer Trade Unionists in this moment. This is followed by a discussion about a surge of interest in anti-racist teaching in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests and what decolonising the curriculum means, and concludes by discussing what we see as the dangers lurking ahead for a proposed September re-opening of schools. This episode is hosted by Anu, along with co-hosts Nik, Charlie, Tom and Lee.

Links to discussed content:

UTLA statement:…iffboats_final.pdf

McAlevey on organic leaders and deep organising :

Eric Blanc article on current situation in US:…eachers-strikes

Christian Cooper incident:…5?ri18n=true…vJ9-s-gvDmUiNU

David Olusogah – Black and British: A Forgotten History…-forgotten-history

Akala – Oxford University Address & Q&A on Black History


“Only had a few ales…get in the back of the van”

“Meat and you: Partners in Freedom”


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