Talking Shop: “Things Can Only Get Better”

We apologise for the lack of content for the past few months but the challenges of 2020 meant that family, work and ourselves had to take priority for a little while. But we are back!

Our reboot episode of Talking Shop focuses on the dynamics of home-working (which we also published an article on earlier this year) and what demands union organisers could collectivise in this area. We also look at the recent actions of the education union NEU and their use of Section 44 to organise against the wider reopening of schools. Chris from the editorial team shares his experiences of working in schools during the pandemic and what organisation around these demands has been like on the ground.

If you have content you think should appear on New Syndicalist in 2021 check out our submission guidance here we’d love to hear from you if you’ve had an organising experience that’s worth sharing.

Links referred to in the episode:

UVW’s Explainer on ‘Work Refusal under Section 44
Our previous ‘Talking Shop’ episode on Section 44

Editorial Note: Things did not get better.


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