Unashamedly inspired by Recomposition, Life-Long Wobbly and Kämpa tillsammans!, New Syndicalist is a source of worker-led, anti-capitalist theory and strategy.

New Syndicalist aims to provide a space for improving the approaches of union organisers. We believe that better educated, equipped and experienced organisers have an important role to play in shifting the balance of power in our workplaces and our communities. In the interests of promoting industrial unity within the workers’ movement New Syndicalist maintains independence from electoral politics and will not publish content related to these concerns.

As a platform founded by members of the Industrial Workers of the World it reflects the founding principles of our union, as outlined in the preamble to the Constitution. We hope, however, that we can provide a space for complementing, critiquing and developing all areas of trade union organising. New Syndicalist welcomes contributions from other friendly organisations, unions and individuals who share our goals.

All content for the blog will be subject to moderation and a majority vote from the editorial board before becoming live content.

Content can be submitted to – newsyndicalist(at)gmail.com

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