Meet The Editorial Team

Lydia – Editor, Contributor and Presenter on ‘Talking Shop’

GMDH02_00939I’m Lydia and I work as a project coordinator in the furniture industry. I’m also a rep for the IWW in London. I joined the IWW because it’s one of very few unions interested in organising precarious private sector workers. I also wanted to learn practical skills for fighting back and building power at work. I’m an editor for New Syndicalist because I believe we need to demystify workplace organising and learn from each other’s experiences if we want to build a confident, grassroots movement. I’m particularly interested in forms of feminised labour, like care work and sex work, and in increasing participation by women and non-binary people in our organising.

Chris – Writer, Editor and Presenter on ‘Talking Shop’

GMDH02_00526I’m Chris and I’m currently working as a secondary school teacher. I’m a workplace representative & lay officer for NEU (National Education Union). I’m an editor for New Syndicalist because I think fighting (and winning) unions are built by reflective and self-critical organisers. I’d like New Syndicalist to be a space within the wider trade union movement where organisers of all stripes can talk to each other, share strategies and tactics and better transform the lives of working people. I also believe it’s important for New Syndicalist to give voice to those workers who are often marginalised or left behind by the mainstream trade unions because of the industry they work in, their status or identity.

Andy – Editor and Contributor

GMDH02_00094I’m Andy, and I’m currently working in the voluntary sector supporting grassroots community groups. I’m an organiser for the IWW, a grassroots trade union for all workers, with a main focus on workers in hospitality and the “gig” economy. I’m an editor for New Syndicalist because I believe that unions are a necessary part of social change, although need serious improvement to say the least. I believe that a focus on the everyday lives of working class people is vital to understanding the current issues facing trade unions, and needs to be understood before we can work to change these unions. I’m interested in rank and file work in trade unions, grassroots and alternative unions as well as labour history.

Gaby – Editor

I’m Gaby and I work as a campaigner for Platform and in communications for United Voices of the World. I joined the Montreal IWW in 2017 to organise my workplace, a small café chain. I continue to organise in small, independent unions because I believe in democratic, worker-led organising. I’m an editor for the New Syndicalist because I believe that organisers need a space where they can learn from each other, and that unionising is very accessible with the right tools and information. I am most interested in collecting best practices for building intersectional feminist rank and file movements, and hope that New Syndicalist can provide a reflective and inclusive space for workers.