If you want to submit an article, comment or suggestion to NS, please keep the following in mind:


  • Read Our Aims and a few of our articles before you submit anything so you know what we’re about.
  • Try to keep your spelling, grammar and format tight – the less editing we have to do the better.
  • We want this to be accessible and concise, if you can’t summarise your submission in one sentence then you probably need to simplify it or break it into separate submissions.
  • We’re not into: sectarian bickering, highfalutin academic posturing or personal attacks.

We are interested in any and all ideas, but especially within these themes:

At Work – Informal and very personal commentaries on experiences of the modern workplace.

What Does A Union Mean To You? – Interviews for workers outside of traditional workplaces or spheres that are un-unionised.

Wobchat – interviews with IWW branches about what they are up to and what they have learned through their organising.

Take a look at our editors’ profiles, if you feel your article sits within their specialities or interests, it might be worth pitching to them directly.

Style guide:

We are not the grammar police and we want to allow for creative expression and experimentation with forms and styles etc. However, we do have a few rules to sharpen your piece and make the job easier for our volunteer editors:

  • Standard fonts such as Calibri, or Arial.
  • Font size 12.
  • 1.5 line and paragraph spacing.
  • The whole article ‘justified’.
  • The article is broken up into paragraphs, with a line space breaking them. Studies have shown that online articles, or written pieces that are read on an electronic device and presented in this form retain the reader’s interest for longer.

Notes for contributors on publication:

Once your article is published, it is public. New Syndicalist cannot be held responsible for where it might end up in the WebSphere, who references it and in what light.

Be conscious of your content and consider the feelings and privacy of subjects or interviewees in your articles.

New Syndicalist editors are happy to make corrections or edits to your piece after it has been published, but editors will exercise discretion regarding the number of times we will make edits or additions.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of New Syndicalist, our union or associated entities.